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moving home with a piano

Are you planning to move to a new house and worried about moving the heavy piano without damage? Well, if you haven’t found a reliable professional team of piano movers in Perth, Metro Piano Removers is here at your service!

We are experienced removalists who can transfer or rel ...
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needing a piano moved

If you are looking forward to move your piano from bedroom to living area or some other place in your home, Metro Piano Removers can help. Pianos are heavy musical instruments that need well-experienced and trained hands to move them from one place to another.

There are differen ...
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buying or selling a piano

Are you looking forward to buy a piano for your home? Are you sure about the place the buy the musical instrument? If not, make your choice now – Metro Piano Removers! Yes, we offer you variety of options to select the best tuning piano.

There are some factors you need to consid ...
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repair or replace piano castor wheels

Piano repairing is an indication of in-house repairs ranging from repairing cracked bass bridges to tightening tuning pins. We, at Metro Piano Removers, understand that over time you might need a replacement for your piano and as moving the heavy instrument is not an easy task, w ...
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