repair or replace piano castor wheels

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Piano repairing is an indication of in-house repairs ranging from repairing cracked bass bridges to tightening tuning pins. We, at Metro Piano Removers, understand that over time you might need a replacement for your piano and as moving the heavy instrument is not an easy task, we help you get away with the old piece or get it repaired, whatever the situation demands.

Our piano repair experts are specialised in repairing and replacing castor wheels.

Castor repair and replacement
Did you recently damage the castor wheels of your piano while moving the piano? It might be a situation where the carrier accidentally broke the back castor. Don’t worry, it is a common issue faced during piano moving process. 

At Metro Piano Removers, we move with most of the castor types during the shifting period to avoid any problems on the way. If you notice the problem alter, once the instrument is shifted to the new location, you can call us and ask for castor replacement service, we will reach you in no time. All our experts need is a little room around the piano and the castors will be fixed. Not just this, you also get fit floor protection for your piano castors.

Our years of experience in the piano repair and replacement industry allow us meet every small and big issue successfully. Our trained professionals leave no place for complain when it comes to piano repairs and replacement in Perth. 

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