needing a piano moved

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If you are looking forward to move your piano from bedroom to living area or some other place in your home, Metro Piano Removers can help. Pianos are heavy musical instruments that need well-experienced and trained hands to move them from one place to another.

There are different types of pianos we are specialised to move and relocate – upright piano, full size grand piano and pianolas. Which type do you have?

Upright Piano
It is the most popular type of pianos available in the market. The small ones fall under the height of 110cm, medium size upright pianos fall under the height of 127cm and pianolas are above the height of 130cm.

Full Size Grand Piano
Grand piano is heavier and bigger in size. Their weight can range from 200kgs to 400kgs making it difficult to move without professional help. Our piano removal specialists know the right technique to move it around in the house – tricks of navigating hallways and tight corners, moving it to upstairs or downstairs without even a slight damage to your instrument. 

The right way to move grand piano is to dismantle it partially for safe removal and we know the technique of dismantling and assembling the instrument. 

No matter the size of your piano, all pianos are heavy. While moving the piano inside the house, chances are high to bump it against the walls or corners damaging the instrument. To avoid the slightest damage, you should rely on professional experts who know the correct moving process. When you reach us for the job, we understand the access points, turns and corners of your house beforehand.  

We keep in mind essential factors such as staircases, internal or external steps, tight corners, width of doorframes and hallways and driveways as they all affect the removal strategy. This information enables us create a safe removal plan of moving the piano avoiding the potential problems.