moving home with a piano

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Are you planning to move to a new house and worried about moving the heavy piano without damage? Well, if you haven’t found a reliable professional team of piano movers in Perth, Metro Piano Removers is here at your service!

We are experienced removalists who can transfer or relocate your expensive piano from one place to another without causing a single scratch on the instrument. A piano weighs hundreds of kilos and it is next to impossible to move the item without professional help. Be it moving from a suburb to another suburb, city to suburb or vice-versa, our professional piano movers team can do everything for you.  

Safety maintained by the experts
At Metro Piano Removers, we feel proud to offer successful relocation of pianos when you plan to move to a new house. Even with the sensitive inner mechanics of a piano, its heavy weight, we ensure the item is moved with complete safety and protection during the shifting stage. Remember, it should be handled carefully both pre and post move; professionals with necessary skills and experience can carry out the job successfully. 

Our process of moving a piano to your new home
The successful piano moving process includes a systematic process involving: 
  • Preparing the piano by covering it properly with special blankets including the accessories as well
  • Shifting it from its location to the moving trolley 
  • Moving it from the house to truck
  • Loading the piano onto the truck under professional supervision
  • Driving the loaded truck to the destination
  • Unloading the item carefully and placing it to the new location
You don’t need to move your piano everyday; so why not do it the best way possible!
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